Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tongue Love '08

It's that time of the year again, when the sunlight doesn't hit North America as often as it did when the the earth's north axis tilted into sun. That's when internet websites and magazines think, "Hey, we better make lists of all the things we liked since the last time we had short days!" Believe it or live in an imaginary world, but Coin Under Tongue popped up on FIVE lists for the year of 2008.
Mike Bell from Filter Magazine put CUT in his top 5 for 2008, along side another one of the DBA troops, The Jealous Girlfriends, featuring Holly Miranda, who has been subletting at the DBA dude ranch since last year. (thanks Mike!)
  1. Grand Archives, The Grand Archives (Sub Pop)
  2. The Jealous Girlfriends, The Jealous Girlfriends (Good Fences)
  3. Sigur Ros, Meo suo i eyrum vio spilum endalaust (XL)
  4. Coin Under Tongue, S/T (Death By Audio Records)
  5. Sebastien Tellier, Sexuality (Record Makers)
Britt Daniel from Spoon was asked by what his favorite audio releases of 2008 were and he found room for The Coin Boyz in his top 10, as seen here.
  1. Crooked Fingers: Forfeit/Fortune
  2. The Heavenly States: Delayer
  3. Jay Reatard: Matador Singles '08
  4. Carbon/Silicon: The Last Post
  5. Wolf Parade: At Mount Zoomer
  6. Deerhunter: Microcastle
  7. Q-Tip: The Renaissance
  8. Coin Under Tongue: Coin Under Tongue
  9. Earles and Jensen: Just Farr a Laugh, Vol. 1 & 2: The Greatest Prank Phone Calls Ever!
  10. The Walkmen: You & Me
(It should also be noted that Joe from CUT's favorite release from 2008 was also Earles and Jensen: Just Farr A Laugh) Joseph Robinson from the Village Voice rated CUT 6th in their annual Pazz and Jop critics awards for 2008 - look at this! :
1M83, Saturdays=Youth Mute
2Crystal Stilts, Alight of Night Slumberland
3Bon Iver, For Emma, Forever Ago Jagjaguwar
4Guns N' Roses, Chinese Democracy Geffen
5No Age, Nouns Sub Pop
6Coin Under Tongue, Coin Under Tongue Death By Audio
7The Walkmen, You & Me Gigantic
8Fuck Buttons, Street Horrrsing ATP
9Chase King, Chase King Arkain Records
10Marnie Stern, This Is It . . . Kill Rock Stars
And in the WTF, holy blaADOW! category, the Minneapolis, Minnesota based music/humor blog Cancers from 1970 named the Corn Wonder Hung 12", record of the year for 2008 ! Wow, please baby, baby, PLEASE don't hate- it's just one geniuses' opinion! (thanks Ben!- your BJ is in the mail)
Then there's this video of "The Spiciest Songs of 2008" from Spicy Times With Nora & Jinners, which features a clip from Coin Under Tongue's "Shaven Clean". Thanks Jin! xoxo
And hell, while we're at, blogger Bill P. from SoundBites made a comment on that he can't wait to hear the 2nd Coin Under Tongue LP coming in 2009. Thank you Bill!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Big Hugz in New London, Connecticut

For the first time this millenium, the entire Death By Audio roster hit the road together. With a little help from our friends in the Total Bolsheviks, we GPS'd our way up the road to the Oasis Pub in New London, Connecticut. A very courteous (and quite possibly homeless) man helped us parallel park our van with seriously 2" to spare.
DJ Charlie Chaplin got the room warmed up as the bands hauled their crap into the venue. The Coin Boys hung around outside smoking, where they noticed a pair of breasts defying the freezing temperature 20 feet above their heads. It's a busty bust sculpture high above the bar (see badly lit photo above) Aaron from Sisters took a pill that should have been reserved for giants and rendered himself happy and unable to drive. Sisters played a hurricane alarm loud, bedazzled set in front of the bathroom. Total Bolsheviks expanded on themes written within chapters that could be dated back to as far as 13 A.D. , given that you have ample translation dictated to you in your native language. Rounds of shots were fired at Coin Under Tongue which resulted in some very enthusiastic ape like headbanging from the band, which led to an outbreak of primal cheers among the patrons. There was a cool guy with a Wipers shirt up front.
The crown jewel of the night was when this man Rob showed up with his fast-food-on-wheels truck called "Roadside Grill". I had a nacho bacon chilli dog. Those are the four elements that lead to the center of my heart. Are you listening, ladies!?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Superfriends Spotlight! - The Muggabears

When they're not destroying their Rock Band instruments at the Death By Audio loft, The Muggabears record their own original music. Over the past few weeks they have been bringing over daily mixes of their upcoming album entitled... well, we don't know, the CDs they gave us are just blank white. Their music reminds me of those Japanese horror movies where the sexy girl with dark hair walks towards you sort of weird and you think "that's cool come over here, err...wait, something's not right here" but then it's too late and she's right in front of you, then you notice she crying black ink and her hair is actually dragon scales and you scream and she shakes you and says "what's wrong with you!?" and now she looks perfectly normal again and then you kiss her because you want to make sure she's real. Today they finally released one of these new jams out into the wylde (i.e. Myspace) and it definitely has a title that everyone can relate to: "Guitar Feelings". Everyone's got 'em so click the link below to get yours!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Hangman

Have you ever rented a horror movie you remember seeing as a kid only to find out it’s not mysterious or spooky at all. In fact, almost all horror movies seem cheesy to you now. But somewhere lurking in your head is the version YOU remember, a version that your imagination has built into myth that no movie could live up to. That’s what I had carried around in my head for 20 years and had almost decided to try to remake a version of The Hangman, a slideshow animation of Maurice Ogden’s poem. I was haunted by the Hangman’s “buckshot eye” and “yellow twist of knotted hemp” long after my 7th grade English teacher rolled the projector back to the A.V. room. I scoured the internet for years in the hope that it might silence my attempts in vain to describe it to friends. 2 years ago I began storyboarding my remake. I was almost disappointed to find it on YouTube last month. Would it live up to my memory? Would it ruin my version? Turns out my version would have been shit. Message, art, direction – it’s all as intact now as it was back then. It’s truth is timeless and this video (although I pray for a clean DVD transfer someday) is UNFUCKWITHABLE.

Friday, November 14, 2008


On monday night, SISTERS played with NO AGE, TITUS ANDRONICUS & SOFT CIRCLE AT THE MARKET HOTEL in Bushwick. These photos were snapped by the folks at BROOKLYN VEGAN. Ted Leo even showed up.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

BIg Ass Public Indoor DBA Show - Update:NOW W/MP3s!

Please come help us make part of DBA blogging history! We've invited some of our favorite uber-deep underground bands to play in front of our field recorder. The audio from the field recorder will then be posted on this blog after the show so we can more easily remember what actually happened that night. You can be the guy that yelled "whip it out!" in between songs or whoever you want to be- the choice is yours. It's like election day all over again!
UPDATE: The songs are in! Click on each band name to hear what it was like to be there.
Tuesday, November 18 @ Death By Audio Shows down by the Domino Sugar Factory for a mere $5
  1. Blast Off - (they will be playing in between all sets)
  2. In the Trees - 8:45 PM
  3. Total Bolesheviks - 9:30 PM
  4. French Miami - 10:15 PM
  5. Wild Yaks - 11:00 PM
  6. The Nasties - 11:45 PM

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Artist's Guide Books

A couple of books turned up in the mail that you NEED to get. The Artist's Guide is a series of books (they're up to 2) that have been assembled by Matt Cassity & Sam Spratlin, with each book centered around topics such as "Making Money" (Vol.1) and "Dressing Fancy" (Vol.2). What's this have to do with DBA? Joe from Coin Under Tongue wrote some shit in them, that's what. But are these books worth buying? Hail yeah, because the prices have been drastically cut for today's economy, and the art in them alone is worth buying, particularly if you're an acid dealer looking for some blotter. These books are great to leave laying around so your sister visiting from out of town has something to flip through while she's waiting for you to wake up. Or for your dinner guests to peruse while you're frying fish. Those old issues of New York and The Believer are OK but a bit ordinary-  don't we need something special? C'mon, how easy would it be to just click "Buy Now" and then how cool would it be when a week later it shows up unexpectedly? This one girl did drawings of her credit card bills in here, right down to the fine print- she is fucked!
got to the site here: Although the focus of these books is the artwork (the art above is from Gunsho), here's a sample- Joe's small essay entitled, 
"So you think you might want to work as a graphic artist in the fashion industry, huh? You're going to set the runway on fire with your unique style, inspiring a brand label of your own that will reflect the years you've spent cultivating your visual pallette? Chances are you'll be making graphics for girls because they buy more clothes, so let me let you in on a secret. If a true genius made the greatest clip art book specifically for girls' fashion graphics (and some try) the spine would read like Led Zeppelin IV, but instead of the Zoso symbols it would read: STAR, HEART, BUTTERFLY, FLOWER. If they made a Lucky Charms cereal specifically for girls, the moon and clover would have to go.
I know what you're thinking, "But how about a cute little bird? I like owls!" No, start cruising Craigslist now because you just lost your job. Like sticking your head inches from the flames of creative hell, I've held a straight face to many a fashion director as they've unveiled their fashion forecast revelations, such as "You know what's hot this year? Flowers!" Wow, you mean like those pretty plants that have symbolized beauty since the beginning of time!? Are you sure it's not those insects that metamorphisize from grotesque worms into magical winged creatures, like a metaphor for women coming of age? I don't know, I've been seeing a lot of suns from other galaxies out there, like every night, shining bright, reminding us what to shoot for- are you sure it's not those things?"

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Turn The Page

It's been out for while now, but if you haven't heard the voice of the Lord crack open the heavens, Chunklet's Rock Bible is out. Joe from Coin Under Tongue contributed a few choice scriptures, among the likes of other esteemed Rock prophets such as John Darnielle, Dale Crover, Brian Turner, and Ted Leo. Of course the lay leader of the congregation is Henry Owings, with help by the Chunklet choir boys (Brian Teasley, Dag Luther Gooch, all the heavy hitters...). The rules are made to be broken, but the book itself is a solid piece of print art with gold foil softcover, ribbon page holder, and that pinkish/red bleed on all the pages (what IS that shit!?) It can be easily digested is small passages, perfect for bathroom studies! Here's a couple of samples:
from The Good Word: Verse 17 (written by Joe) -"If you're the sensitive singer/songwriter type, don't throw in token curse words to prove how edgy you can be.  Stick to the things you know, such as how you're the most important person in coffee shop because you're holding the acoustic guitar." 
from The Sound on Stage: Verse 480 - "During the set, make yourself appear to be an expert by pointing at the monitor, then the bass player, then point up. Girls find that both hot and also somewhat perplexing."
The new issue of Chunklet: Issue 20 is also about to hit the newstands and if you order now, you can pay even more money to get a limited edition Ted Leo / Zach Galifianakis split 7". Have you seen this video of Zach interviewing Michael Cera? Whatta creep that guy, hiding in the ferns like that and assualting young boys.
We would also like to announce that Coin Under Tongue, Susu, French Miami, and Buke & Gass are playing Cake Shop in Manhattan on the 29th and here is the poster that looks like an old bible that was made by Andrea from Susu. What are the chances?
---Here's a couple tracks for your perusal.
alt/option click to download 

Thursday, October 9, 2008

"You're The Girl, You're Gonna Touch Me"

This may or may not be your thang, some people don't like listening to miscellaneous audio clips for fun. BUT, do you like The Doors? Fuck yeah! Sorry, that question was meant for you.
I found this mp3 on the internet a few years ago on some random blog and here's the story-
It's supposedly a tape some guy turned in for a report on the "beat generation" for his English Literature class about The Doors!? I know, I know, The Doors have nothing to do with the beat generation, but that's the kind of stoned rocker logic we're dealing with here. The report was supposed to be written on paper, but to hell with that, this has got great old school cassette tape jump cuts and plenty of off-the-cuff acid insights, such as:
"back then the drug scene was high" and " 'jumping in her game' is, 'I want to be doing what you're doing right now' " Just give it a couple of minutes before these wisdom nuggets start hitting the tape. When I hear these types of recordings, it takes me there: a teenager's pot liar bedroom, a long-haired trying to man two tape machines at once while mom is yelling at him to come to dinner. Can you smell the mix?
--- alt/option click to save

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Forklifts Are Killer

Dirty on Purpose just got back from their mini tour with The Wedding Present. George told us to check out this video that their guitar player kept trying to explain to him. So that's what blogs are for and here it is, just in time for Halloween. It's like a forklift training video made by Troma in German. Have some patience because the twist doesn't happen till about 3 minutes in.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Supporting The New Year

Dirty on Purpose recently embarked on a 2 1/2 week tour with a couple of classic indie rock groups. The first leg of the mini-tour was with The Wedding Present, the second with The New Year. The latter is the latest band from the founders of Bedhead, a group that may just be one of Dirty On Purpose's most influential luminaries.
The way George (DOP guitarist) tells it, he and Joe Jurewicz (DOP guitar/vox) started out hanging together at the defunct Pourhouse Bar in Brooklyn. This bar is now known as Legion (Metropolitan Ave. in Brooklyn) and still has the "back room", which is where Joe would host open mic nights. Anyone who has been there may remember the double headed cartoon mural on the back wall- well, Joe and George painted that. Anyway, the one band that supposedly brought these two together to kickstart their own was, you guessed it, BEDHEAD! The great mood-swing dynamics, the understated well-crafted melodies, the epic and almost post-rock breakdowns, the love of these ideas is what brought the dream of Dirty On Purpose together. And here they are out on the road with THOSE GUYS, the ones they had listened to for so many miles of road in the tour van. Now they're riding beside them! The New Year branch didn't fall to far from the Bedhead tree either, so if your gonna be around these town for any of these dates and happen to be a fan of either, I'd take in both.
  1. 5 Oct 2008 10:00 PM @ Pop Montreal w/ Liam Finn & The Veils -Montreal, Quebec
  2. 9 Oct 2008 10:00 PM @ Johnny Brenda’s w/ The New Year -Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  3. 10 Oct 2008 10:00 PM @ Music Hall of Williamsburg w/ The New Year Brooklyn, New York
  4. 11 Oct 2008 10:00 PM @ Middle East w/ The New Year Boston, Massachusetts
  5. 12 Oct 2008 10:00 PM @ The Living Room w/ The New Year Providence, Rhode Islandzz
The New Year - The End's Not Near

Friday, October 3, 2008


Great music is being made everywhere. All around you, in hair follicles, in the air we breathe. Bands like Crystal Stilts with vocals breaking in bathtub, reverb soaking. Deerhunter’s music makes me excited about music in a way I haven’t been for years. They are brilliant geniuses from Atlanta and every time I listen to them, I hear something new. So original is the latest album that I spent 2 hours drunkenly trying to describe it to my friend. My Teenage Stride and their pop craftsmanship is a milkshake? A Place To Bury Strangers live show cannot be beaten by any other band. Their music is a cold bolt thunder electrocution to the heart. High Places remind me of Joni Mitchell, Caribbean, Caucasian bedroom music. The Muggabears write songs that people and bears can agree is amazing, except it's hard to tell because the bear can't clap very well. They are from Brooklyn and so is a lot of this stuff.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Statler Bros. in the DBA studio

With all these pedals laying around, you'd figure there'd be at least one noise band in the house. Well there wasn't for a long time until Joe Kelly and his long-standing friend (and occasional bandmate) John Vitale were watching some DVDs of the Johnny Cash show and decided to start an updated version of the Statler Brothers. They each borrowed a Total Sonic Annihilation pedal and started chaining some of the house pedals into some loops. I heard them tinkering around with some bossa-nova drum machines for a couple of weeks before they decided to go organic and get a real live drummer in the name of David Andrew Moore. David is a drummer, percussionist, composer & educator- not exactly the usual riff-raff for this neck of the woods.
In what should follow in a long succession of MP3s documenting the life and time of the DBA studio players, I'd like to present you with the first Statler Bros. tracks- all recorded live in 1 take! 2 beers max!
---alt/option click to save

Sunday, September 28, 2008

GENESIS: Part Duex- Return of The Revenge

... so they all moved over to the South side of Williamsburg, the nice and sunny side. They needed more roommates to help pay the rent so they invited Joe Jurewicz and George Wilson from the indie-pop band Dirty On Purpose along for the ride. The new loft was one large barren space and construction costs were skyrocketing. To cover the building material trips to Home Depot, the five dudes began throwing parties in the house. Many cool bands like Vaz & Knife Skills played on the floor that eventually became a practice space. Joe Jurewicz manned a sewing machine table to collect the cover charge. A month of late nights spent listening to the classic rock station while building cinder block walls finally produced a second floor and a practice space, which Mahi Mahi (see last pic) played on top of. A few more parties were thrown to help raise money for the material that would become the walls of their bedrooms. A make shift ping pong table was made from a 4'x8' piece of particle board and matches ensued. Joe Kelly moved out and began recording the demos that would become the 1st Coin Under Tongue songs. A parade of new roommates began calling the "Dude Ranch" their home, including Aaron Pfannebecker who would go on to start the band Sisters with Matt Conboy, who moved into the same building. Matt and Jason Amos expanded the Death By Audio space by taking over the two adjoining lofts and turing them into a living space and a show space. A shit load of shows have been thrown in the Death By Audio show space, from noise to comedy. Assholes continued to break the sink every other show. Todd P got in a fight with vandals outside. Cops busted Coin Under Tongue's album release party. Jason Amos went to jail drunk. A Place To Bury Strangers played a benefit for the loft's cat, Hammer, who was hit by a car- the show was filmed by Pitchfork. All the hip NYC mags kept printing the DBA address and vice cops kept shining their flashlights inside. Joe Kelly fell through the ceiling and into a Tony Conrad performance. A sewer pipe busted and spilled raw sewage into 2 of the bedrooms- everyone got sick. Matt Conboy and Ollie kept making the pedals. Trent Reznor and other famous dudes bought some. Neckbeard Telecaster began making the practice space smell like bong/locker room. Then Matt and Jason Amos decided to start a label to keep up with all this and here we are.


Oliver Ackermann was living in Fredericksburg, Virginia in January 2003. His band at the time, Skywave, played up and down the east coast, finding time in between shows to run his own practice space commune for himself and other local bands. On the strength of his first original design, the Total Sonic Annihilation guitar pedal, Ollie began to sketch the blueprints that would lead to a his own line of pedals named Death By Audio. One of the towns in Virginia that Skywave often frequented was Norfolk. One of the people that came to every show was Joe Kelly. Joe was throwing rock dance parties at a Filipino sailor's club called "The Seaman's Club" and later known simply as "Cruzers". Joe began booking shows there, a few which featured Skywave. Joe and Ollie wanted to move to New York City to pursue more happiness. In March of 2003, they marched into NYC. They found a loft space in Brooklyn that they should not have been legally living in. Times were rough- friends got mugged and beat down, dead pitbulls were found in garbage bags outside their front door, next door neighbor weed dealers screamed like burning witches as they were beat to within inches of their life by bigger, badder drug dealers. Blood poured out from under that neighbor's door and then there was a knock at Joe and Ollie's front door. They silently ate pizza. Justin Avery, from Joe's old band Cobraspa, moved into the loft and he and Ollie began A Place To Bury Strangers. Ollie taught Joe how to build his guitar pedals so Joe started selling his at local stores like Main Drag Music. They also gave pedals to their favorite musicians, like Liars and Xiu Xiu. Neighbors banged on walls and threatened the two for the racket they were making with all their rock and roll toys. They built a loft from disassembled MTV sets that a friend had done PA work for. Ollie's van was constantly assualted by anonymous assholes. Tires slashed, mirrors broken, Radio Shack speakers stolen (really!? Realistic!? what could you possibly get for that? like $2!?). They disassembled the entire loft and moved it downstairs to avoid noise complaints. Justin left Brooklyn for Wisconsin and Greg Wilson (future Coin Under Tongue drummer) moved in. Joe and Greg did mushrooms and Greg passed out and busted his face open. Joe Dj'd every club in NYC and built his own set-up in the loft. He built guitar pedals and listened to records most of the time while getting paid $12/hr to work in at a screen printing company full time. Parents with small children moved into building so Ollie found a new location for the DBA crew: way down South Williamsburg.

Studies Show, Some People Love Coin Under Tongue; Area Man dissapproves

We threw some Coin Under Tongue records in the mail to see if they would eventually pop up on the internet. Amazingly, these records reached their destinations and the fingers hit the keyboards and the screens displayed the pixels. from JULIAN COPE'S HEAD HERITAGE site: "Two vinyl releases have caught my attention this month, the first being the debut 12” EP by post-everything teen rockers Coin Under Tongue, whose six-track rides an electrifying third rail power trip something like the Scars doing ‘Killing an Arab’-period Cure AND attempting Zeppelin riffola in an overly Undertones-like exuberant post At The Drive-In stylee. I don’t mean there’s any buddy Feargal Sharkey among the band’s ranks, just a pure and unadulterated youth vision that rarely gets heard today, except in a gauchely manufactured and archly-corporate manner. Those of you who remember the Washdown’s excellent album a coupla years back will most serpently wanna grab a copy. Locate this sucker at" from DELUSIONS OF ADEQUACY (thank you Jennifer Patton!) "Describing Coin Under Tongue isn't easy. While most firmly rooted in post-punk, the band slips through styles like a chameleon. There's plenty of noise and garage rock, but there's definitely a 70's Southern rock tinge dancing along with hardcore and something surprisingly booty shaking rears its ugly little head from time to time. Ultimately, I don't know what to call Coin Under Tongue, but I surely love it. The members of Coin Under Tongue are part of Death By Audio, a Brooklyn, NY guitar effects pedal manufacturer, music venue, and studio space. Coin Under Tongue/Hussies at Bay was recorded in the collective's self-built studio. Not much information is available about the band itself, they (gasp!) don't have a website and it seems they only started playing shows fairly recently. This release is available on 12" vinyl or CD - and if you have access to a record player you should do yourself the favor of checking out the vinyl, despite that fact that this review shows the cover from the CD. When "Coin Under Tongue" begins you immediately get a nice deep groove reminiscent of many 70's bands, but the crunchy chords and screamy vocals bring the song hurtling through the decades to the present. Although the band have been described elsewhere as a "heavier, Southern Nirvana" they are more Kyuss to my ears, at least from this first track. "This Flag is a Scythe" gives the drums center stage alongside a guitar riff that could have been plucked from a 50's surf or rockabilly band. Coin Under Tongue doesn't stay mired in retro sounds though, this song is something wholly original. "The New Lore" has a more New Wave feel, but also makes me wonder if any member of this band ever spent time in a hardcore band. "Last Rites" has an underlying current of chaos. The song is borderline schitzo - not fractured enough to be pure noise and not cohesive or bouncy enough to be dance rock, but charged up enough to make the hair on the back of your neck stand at attention. "High Until We Die" sounds like a buzzsaw was recorded in the background for extra effect. This track is spastic and bone crushing, but I know in my neck of the woods the Philly head bob would be full on. The last pair of songs on Coin Under Tongue/Hussies at Bay - "Roll Child" and "Shaven Clean" - couldn't be more different. "Roll Child" is where I hear the easiest comparison to a group like Nirvana, but that 50's or 60's feel peeks through as well. "Shaven Clean" starts off with some nice, fuzzy guitar and great drumming. This song is dance music for the punk/hardcore set. A great beat, plenty of swagger, and enough edge that not an ounce of cheese can be detected. Coin Under Tongue is a lot of fun. I can see many confused audiences of aging scenesters being downright confused by this band while they wait for the headliner to come on, but I guess that's half the fun. Clearly all those years in the scene aren't doing you any good. If post-punk, spazzy, not-quite-noise sounds appealing there is a lot to love about this album. Don't miss it." from BLUESBUNNY (in Glasgow!): "It's 2008 and yet bands still release their music on vinyl. Why? Because it sounds better (we hope) and watching that 12" slab on vinyl spinning around is a reward in itself. It looks like they think that way in Brooklyn, NY with this release by Coin Under Tongue. They must be an underground band as they don't even have a website. They do have some songs though. Coin Under Tongue is the kind of shady name that would fit a death metal band quite well and the self titled opening track did indicate that particular musical genre. Power chords and screaming vocals, you know the sort of thing. You know you should hate it and you actually do until the clock strikes midnight. "This Flag is a Scythe" was, in contrast, a much subtler affair with some distinctly pleasing guitar riffs that could trace their heritage all the way back to Tom Verlaine. That's the thing here - many bands have the self same influences but there is something a bit unsettling here. It is difficult to quantify but Coin Under Tongue seem to wander way too close to the edge and then come all the way back in to safety. There are bits and pieces in there like percussion and odd guitar riffs that just jump in to the mix and then vanish. "High until We Die", in particular, seemed schizophrenic as it sounds like three songs are trying to fight their way to the surface. Funnily enough, I was listening to some old Josef K singles the other day and it had the same sense of underlying sense of darkness and confusion. It isn't the eighties now, of course, so the posturing of that time is not present to balance things out making the result all the more disturbing. Rounding things off is a splendid part post punk, part garage, part chainsaw, neighbour annoying musical grenade. It goes by the name of "Shaven Clean". Makes you want to ride a Harley off into the sunset. This album turned out to be sterling stuff. It may not be the most inventive collection of songs that the Bluesbunny has heard but it is never boring and the discordant approach the band take grows on you and incites your curiosity to find out more about them. Worth tracking down? Reckon so. By the way, in the interest of science, the vinyl and CD versions were compared and the vinyl was better. Told you."

SISTERS 1st Tape for Sale Page

Sisters Self-Titled [cassette tape] PS, US Brought to you by ultra-noiseniks A Place To Bury Strangers, who have started their own label to showcase the freaking sonics of their peers. What sort of audio megatonnage does the Loudest Band in NYC sign to their imprint? DBA describes it thusly: 2 NEW KIDS EX NEW SCHOOL PLAYING WICKED BAD ASS BREAK BEATS WITH GOOD HOOKS AND NOT MUCH HONKY TONK. MATT CONBOY AND AARON PFANNEBACKER KICK OUT 7 SONGS OF MINDBENDEDNESS. RECORDED BY OLIVER ACKERMANN AT DBA. DeathByAudio-001 CASS $6.00 Beginning in 2006 under the name "Surprise Stranger", Aaron Pfannebecker & Matt Conboy spontaneously gigged at random lofts, parties, and hallways unannounced. After changes names, they shyly took to small stages across America in 2007, including a SXSW appearance. They are two piece from Brooklyn, New York using keyboards shot through effect pedals, drum tracks through cassette players, live drums, guitars and vocals to create fragmented pop songs. Crooked guitar sounds and melody, keyboard pop mixed with a touch of noise in an attempt to break from traditional song structures is essentially what happens. Here's a review from the Glasgow site, Blues Bunny: "Apparently there is a music collective in Brooklyn, New York called Death by Music and they release some offbeat albums by the likes of this band, Sisters. In some ways, this album is like a history of nineties music with the ghosts of New Order and Husker Du getting exorcised once more. It is not the first time that these sprits have been raised from the dead but there is some strange kind of voodoo at work this time. These songs grab you and slap you around in a rather aggressive manner. Guitars get pumped well in overdrive. The drums teeter about on the edge of the precipice named out of control. That is perhaps the defining quality here. "Accolades", for example, starts pretty conventionally then just spawns a mosh pit out of nowhere. It's a big, brash sound and you can smell the sweat of a hundred guys slamming madly into each other. The post punk joys of "Street Cars" caused our ears to perk right up followed by an overwhelming urge to turn the volume up to the max and if you want to hear a guitar used as an offensive weapon then try "In The Mood". It's ragged, it isn't hi-fi but it is real. In fact, Bluesbunny doubts if these guys have ever seen a sequencer or a sampler and we'll happily take emotion over perfection any day. To further compound their madness, Sisters supplied the review copy as a cassette and a green cassette at that. A cassette seemed particularly appropriate. So did playing it loud. Available from Death by Audio Records." FOR SALE AT THE TOP RIGHT OF THIS BLOG!

The 1st COIN UNDER TONGUE Record Sale Page

Coin Under Tongue - Coin Under Tongue/Hussies At Bay 12" Self-Titled US Brought to you by ultra-noiseniks A Place To Bury Strangers, who have started their own label to showcase the freaking sonics of their peers. What sort of audio megatonnage does the Loudest Band in NYC sign to their imprint? DBA says: A WHOLE LIFETIME IN THE MAKING, THIS TITULATING AUDIO STUNTWORK WILL BLOW YOUR HEAD. POP THESE SONGS AND GET EMO WITH THE BAND. HEAVY LIKE A BAG OF WEIGHTS. LIGHT ON THE RASTA. FULL THROTTLE THROATS GALORE. SOMEBODY DIED SOMEWHERE ON THIS RECORD- VERY RARE! RECORDED BY CUT AT DBA IN AMERICA. 450 PRESSED & INSERTED IN HAND SCREEN PRINTED SLEEVES (COLORS WILL VARY)
  • DeathByAudio-002 LP
  • A- 1. Coin Under Tongue
  • 2. This Flag Is A Scythe
  • 3. The New Lore
  • 4. Last Rites
  • B-1. High Until We Die
  • 2. Roll Child
  • 3. Shaven Clean
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Saturday, September 27, 2008

We Did It Cause We Knew It Would Happen

The first time you hear music, you know it- music is tranforming. From our cell phones that we use everyday to our grocery stores we use every other week, no other time has it been so important to listen. Therefor, we at Death By Audio spend all the man/woman power we can into researching and developing just the right music for the right times. The internet has brought the power to the people so we make the music to power those people that run this industry - it's a win/win situation! And we've been doing this since day one, the same way great companies of the past have succeded- by looking to the future. If we don't meet metatrends in a half hour or less, the music pizza is on our face, not yours, because you, as a customer, are always right when you give us money.

Our deep rooted ties to the music industry are intertwined with the wires of the music community like some tangled pubic word problem you can't figure out, so don't - let us think about it. Old business are consolidating into bigger conglomorates that are morphing to meet the needs of yesterday's niche markets. Who wants that!? Death by Audio Records has the profit margins to meet today's ever expanding vision quest, you can tell by taking one look at our legal size papers. As long as air is vibrating, we'll be there to capture it.

Jimi Henderson - Death By Audio Marketing

(this pic is from the rare CUT press CD featuring a pic from the audience from their Roseland Ballroom show & an extremely rare high school pic of TOM CRUISE! - Not for sale here, sorry, YIKES!)

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