Sunday, September 28, 2008

The 1st COIN UNDER TONGUE Record Sale Page

Coin Under Tongue - Coin Under Tongue/Hussies At Bay 12" Self-Titled US Brought to you by ultra-noiseniks A Place To Bury Strangers, who have started their own label to showcase the freaking sonics of their peers. What sort of audio megatonnage does the Loudest Band in NYC sign to their imprint? DBA says: A WHOLE LIFETIME IN THE MAKING, THIS TITULATING AUDIO STUNTWORK WILL BLOW YOUR HEAD. POP THESE SONGS AND GET EMO WITH THE BAND. HEAVY LIKE A BAG OF WEIGHTS. LIGHT ON THE RASTA. FULL THROTTLE THROATS GALORE. SOMEBODY DIED SOMEWHERE ON THIS RECORD- VERY RARE! RECORDED BY CUT AT DBA IN AMERICA. 450 PRESSED & INSERTED IN HAND SCREEN PRINTED SLEEVES (COLORS WILL VARY)
  • DeathByAudio-002 LP
  • A- 1. Coin Under Tongue
  • 2. This Flag Is A Scythe
  • 3. The New Lore
  • 4. Last Rites
  • B-1. High Until We Die
  • 2. Roll Child
  • 3. Shaven Clean
$13.00 (w/free MP3 album download)- after purchase from Paypal, please click "RETURN TO SITE" to receive download. FOR SALE ON THE TOP RIGHT OF THIS BLOG!