Friday, April 13, 2007


With Motor Skills, French Miami take angular freak-outs and smooth them over with a progressive sheen. Recorded by Phil Manley of Trans AM (with some guest vocals and guitar whine), the songs capture the band's live sound and take it a bit further into space. A great follow-up to French Miami's breakout S/T album.
"Having the traditional two arms doesn't restrict French Miami from showing off by pounding their heaving math-rock intricacy through two instruments at once. Each. Inevitably the musos cream themselves at such a sight, but this trio have the ability to get you throwing plenty of irregular shapes on the dancefloor." - NME
"San Fran psychopaths craft skull-collapsing post-punk, wiry (and Wire-y) guitars twitching over steady chugging rhythms." - Rolling Stone
"Art Rock trio, French Miami, have wowed San Francisco with their jagged guitar riffs and throbbing synths. The gritty style is irresistibly catchy and their boisterous live performances have earned them a reputation as a local favorite." - CMJ