Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Post Valentine's Update

Here's what's going on:
1) On February 26th, 2010, a recording summit will be held in the kitchen of the DBA compound for the recording of new 7" record- a split featuring 2 Brooklyn drum phenoms: David Moore (from the sometimes DBA free/noise/jazz/rock band The Statler Bros.) & Ches Smith . The session will be recorded/engineered by Steve from Wodger Records. The tentative title of this ultra-limited (100) pressing will be "BBQs of the Future".
2) DBA records finally wrangled SEAWHORES back into the corral. The tracks for a new DBA exclusive Seawhores 12" have been compiled and the pressing plant paperwork is being filed out as we speak. This too will be an ultra-limited pressing of 100 units.
3) Have you checked out the "FREE MUSIC" section! If you ever want some free music, you can always click on the graphic on the right side bar of this site. There's already a bunch of music in there but we're here to announce 2 more free tracks: one from Seahwhores and one from Coin Under Tongue's neverending album. Have at it.
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