Sunday, July 29, 2007


"Coin Under Tongue might be one of the best band names ever."- Audio Current
"Then, as they slowly emerged from the murk, the band cranked out some of the heaviest, nastiest post-hardcore I've ever heard. The distorted bass crashes through like a drunk mammoth but the man behind the sound, George Wilson (oddly enough, formerly of slowcore dream-pop outfit Dirty on Purpose) is anything but clumsy, shredding some deliciously difficult riffs. The similarly-lumbering guitar cuts like a slow-motion buzz saw while Joe Kelly howls death metal renditions of secretly lovable melodies. I was also pleasantly surprised by the variety the band offered, some songs more gentle or even downright pretty, some faster and post-punkier, some cleaner and some noisier - you'd be hard put to accuse this band of always sounding the same." - Radio Flyer Review
"Coin Under Tongue are drawing from a far wider pallet than the feedback loving British acts of the late '80s and early '90s. And while I can't say I ever wanted to hear a band channel both Sabbath and Joy Division in the same song, now that I have, I'm wondering why no one thought of this combination sooner." - I Rock Cleveland
"Describing Coin Under Tongue isn't easy. While most firmly rooted in post-punk, the band slips through styles like a chameleon. There's plenty of noise and garage rock, but there's definitely a 70's Southern rock tinge dancing along with hardcore and something surprisingly booty shaking rears its ugly little head from time to time. Ultimately, I don't know what to call Coin Under Tongue, but I surely love it." - Delusions Of Adequacy