Sunday, September 28, 2008

GENESIS: Part Duex- Return of The Revenge

... so they all moved over to the South side of Williamsburg, the nice and sunny side. They needed more roommates to help pay the rent so they invited Joe Jurewicz and George Wilson from the indie-pop band Dirty On Purpose along for the ride. The new loft was one large barren space and construction costs were skyrocketing. To cover the building material trips to Home Depot, the five dudes began throwing parties in the house. Many cool bands like Vaz & Knife Skills played on the floor that eventually became a practice space. Joe Jurewicz manned a sewing machine table to collect the cover charge. A month of late nights spent listening to the classic rock station while building cinder block walls finally produced a second floor and a practice space, which Mahi Mahi (see last pic) played on top of. A few more parties were thrown to help raise money for the material that would become the walls of their bedrooms. A make shift ping pong table was made from a 4'x8' piece of particle board and matches ensued. Joe Kelly moved out and began recording the demos that would become the 1st Coin Under Tongue songs. A parade of new roommates began calling the "Dude Ranch" their home, including Aaron Pfannebecker who would go on to start the band Sisters with Matt Conboy, who moved into the same building. Matt and Jason Amos expanded the Death By Audio space by taking over the two adjoining lofts and turing them into a living space and a show space. A shit load of shows have been thrown in the Death By Audio show space, from noise to comedy. Assholes continued to break the sink every other show. Todd P got in a fight with vandals outside. Cops busted Coin Under Tongue's album release party. Jason Amos went to jail drunk. A Place To Bury Strangers played a benefit for the loft's cat, Hammer, who was hit by a car- the show was filmed by Pitchfork. All the hip NYC mags kept printing the DBA address and vice cops kept shining their flashlights inside. Joe Kelly fell through the ceiling and into a Tony Conrad performance. A sewer pipe busted and spilled raw sewage into 2 of the bedrooms- everyone got sick. Matt Conboy and Ollie kept making the pedals. Trent Reznor and other famous dudes bought some. Neckbeard Telecaster began making the practice space smell like bong/locker room. Then Matt and Jason Amos decided to start a label to keep up with all this and here we are.