Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Floatable Quotables (nice reviews)

From the desk of RADIO FLYER REVIEW:
Five Bands to Watch in [the rest of] 2009Coin Under Tongue - For some reason, when I first learned of this band, I got the impression they were some sort of chilled out Americana thing - in fact, I distinctly remember listening to such music, but apparently, I was listening to a different band entirely (no idea what). Coin Under Tongue are LOUD and HEAVY, with the most massive distortion since A Place To Bury Strangers emerged a few years ago. You shouldn't be surprised to learn that I am NOT a metalhead at all, but with their relentlessly screaming vocals, this lumbering post-hardcore is well worth checking out.Sisters - I know, Death By Audio Records (also home to Coin Under Tongue) is cleaning up here! After being moderately impressed by Sisters at Dead Herring House this spring, I got my hands on some of their tunes, and I got a whole lot more excited. The pair garners a lot of not-undue comparisons to No Age, last year's noise pop/noise punk more straight-forward. On the one hand, this means duo. But Sisters are a little more down to earth - their songs are shorter and they are rather less sophisticated than No Age, button the other hand, they sure pack a punch. They sound a heck of a lot like Sonic Youth's punkiest side and that's a very good thing to sound a heck of lot like.
AND THEN THIS JUST IN!:FROM- I ROCK CLEVELAND @bout "Beyond Yes" by Coin Under Tongue
While the Brooklyn based band, Coin Under Tongue may have zero web presence -- no friends, no tweets, nothing -- that doesn't necessarily mean they have an empty bio. Really, all you need to know about this band you can glean from the company they keep. Recording for Death by Audio, the effects pedal company, recording studio, and record label helmed by A Place to Bury Strangers'Oliver Ackermann, you know before pressing play that there will be guitar -- noisy, gnashing, industrial tools on a factory floor guitar. And sure enough, "Beyond Yes," the latest mp3 release by Coin Under Tongue, has that wonderful, metal mashing sound, twisting and tearing their early post-punk influences into unfriendly, noisesome ecstasy.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tour '09 UPDATE! - Stripper Strip Mall, CT

The Death Fresh Krew (Sisters, Coin Under Tongue) hit the road once again for a 12-hour, 1 stop tour of Groton, CT. The place was called the Backstage Rock Bar, which is connected to Rose's Cantina. Our roadie Kaite called to verify what type of establishment this was on our way there-
Kaite: Do you have tacos?
Rose's: No, we don't serve food.
Kaite: Do you have strippers?
Rose's: Ummm, yeah, we have erotic dancers.
Arriving early, the road warriors decided to hit up some KFC, a rarity in NYC. What they got was some greasy, wimpy chicken, as if the bird never got off the couch in it's life. Jell-O wings. When they got back to the club, the place was PACKED!!! (with ghosts). We found an old dune buggy behind the club. The show got pushed back just a little to see if maybe a hobo would come in and ask for change or a junkie might need to borrow the bathroom. Waiting for the guests to arrive, a few anonymous band members slipped into the strip club next door where they found Little Mrs. Droopy-Tit showing off her clit piercing WHILE EATING FUCKING CHINESE FOOD LAYING ON STAGE! There was also an old Tyson fight on, thankfully.
Eventually Sisters played and sounded fucking great. The Backstage bar has the best PA you will ever find in a strip mall, hands down. Coin Under Tongue played an abbreviated set so they could continue talking to this self-proclaimed "nice Satanist" who proceeded to shower the band with shots while dropping the bomb that HIS FUCKING WIFE WAS FUCKING SOME OTHER DUDE IN HIS CAR AS WE SPEAK!. He is currently employed teaching learning disabled people how to cook. You know the guy, there's one in every town.
Our CT allies, Total Bolsheviks, out-cut CUT by only performing 2 songs with their new accomplice, a chick in a creepy Nixon mask, spewing sheets of white noise into the crowd, much to the dismay of lesbian biker chicks at the front bar.
Some strange (or impossibly inebriated) girl got thrown out for accusing the bartender of stealing her drink. Greg yelled at the guy in McDonalds on the way home about not putting enough salt on his fries and then crawled around the van like some dude wiggin' out on acid at Bonnaroo, claiming "claustrophobia".

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

OFF THE CHARTS!! - Sisters in Deli Magazine

Band of the month for Deli Magazine, Sisters may be.
Opportunistic, I know, this blogging post, but help voting will do.
Good press is all press.
Below, the link lead, is easy do.
You to thank,
And check out this sort of review of Sisters in Drowned in Sound (at the end of a Tiny Masters of Today review!?)"I’m at another show shortly after witnessing Screaming Females. A band named Sisters, who are roommates with A Place to Bury Strangers at the Death By Audio loft in Williamsburg, are playing. An excitable mosh pit instantly opens up (Sisters are a phenomenally engaging live band, but that’s another story for another time). Two flannel-clad teenage kids enter the venue, tentatively nodding their heads on the outskirts of the pit. By the end of the set, they’re dancing with wild abandon, completely wrapped up in Sisters’ glorious racket. Like Tiny Masters, these kids are at that enviable point when all this seems fresh and new. You can almost see the process of discovery burning brightly in their eyes."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sisters at Northside Festival

Sisters played 2 Northisde Festival Shows this past weekend. Pop Tarts Suck Toasted had some praise: I only spent a short bit of time with the music of Sisters prior to my Northside Fest show. I knew what it was about, I knew I liked it, I just didn't know how much I would love it live, but sure enough as soon as this duo got started I was hooked. Now the obvious comparisons will be made to other noisy two pieces like No Age, but let's just say that it's not quite the same thing as No Age. Yes it is noise punk but it's not the same thing. Seriously. These two dudes flat out killed it, even if they were cheating with their pre-recorded parts (according to The Great Unwashed's Sean Kuhl) this band was the biggest and best surprise of the night! as well as Prefix Magazine: I arrive at Death By Audio a few hours later, where another female-led mosh pit emerges for Brooklyn band Sisters. The women are clearly putting their male counterparts to shame at the Northside Festival. Before Sisters play, there’s a guy in the back room who apes Panda Bear’s live set up by utilizing two Roland SP-404 samplers and a mixer. Sadly, no one seems to know who he is, but he creates some affable techno, clogged with bleeps and whimsical samples. Sisters play after he finishes, and are the latest band to emerge from the community at the Death By Audio loft. They share a love of blistering volume with their roommates in A Place to Bury Strangers. Sisters are a two-piece guitar and drums outfit, with occasional keyboards and processed beats. They set up in front of a giant pile of foreboding amps, leaving audience members in no doubt that their ears are going to be shredded by the end of this performance.Sisters look great—drummer Matt has a huge afro that rocks back and forth as he pummels his drums, and the stack of amps acts like a third member of the band. It certainly causes people up front to question the validity of their decision to stand so close to the stage when singer/guitarist Aaron begins scraping great sheets of noise from his instrument. They lack the thinness that some two-piece bands discover when all the bass frequencies are stripped from their music, and have a great pop-noise thing going on. Imagine a punky My Bloody Valentine with John Bonham on drums. Sisters trigger an instant reflex to dance and sing in half the audience, and some of the widest smiles of the entire festival can be seen when two little grunge kids join the mosh pit at the end. A special moment. Sisters play Glasslands on Wednesday June 17th with My Teenage Stride, Knight School and the Gutsies. The Show was mentioned in The New Yorker of all places!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Coin Under Tongue - The Goth Tarts (Grooms Cover)

If you've caught any Grooms shows lately, you might have noticed a cover they have been performing of Coin Under Tongue's "High Until We Die". The Coin Krew have returned the adoration here with a cover of Grooms "The Goth Tarts", complete with all the noisy thrash guitars and bonus cussin' you'd expect from those dudes. Please download the song and play it on your iPhone speakers while riding the train (people love that) , it's here for the taking. The photo above is a look out our front door.
(cntrl/option +click to download or RIGHT CLICK and download)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Coin Under Tongue - High Until We Die '09

Taking advantage of the newly souped-up, second-hand equipped DBA studio, The Coinz have dropped another bomb into the abyss of the internet this week with their second take on last year's chartscraper "High Until We Die". Once again, Allen Blickle from Baroness has taken up the drum throne like he did on "Beyond Yes" and proceeded to hit with much force using his Wonderboy sticks.
DOWNLOAD here (control/option + click or RIGHT CLICK and download)
Also this week, Coin Me Badd appeared on The Edge with Jake Sasseville, a late night variety show that airs on ABC affiliates, where they played their song "Roll Child". They had to play it twice to a crowd because Jake called the song "Roll On" in the first take - whoopsee! C.U.T. trivia - did you know they were not allowed to play "Night Weed" because Denny's hates gardening? The boys did rally at the end of the taping to play "High Until We Die", to which Jake threw up his hands and said, "Fuck it." That video will most likely never be seen, believe that.
Please don't watch the above mentioned performance, the sound is worse that any SNL band taping you've ever seen. The show itself is A.O.K. though.
And in related news, our tight E-Bros at Methadont are busy filling their blog with entries that will one day lead to an art show. Ben (the wordsmith) and Jesse (the eyesmith) play on interpretations of small phrases using mixed media. Please peruse their back catalog after checking out this piece based on a Coin Under Tongue lyric from "The New Lore".

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Flipping over Equipment

When a practice space is shared among several bands, there will always be some bitching about people using another band's equipment. Someone will come into the practice space to find that their amp has been left on for god knows how long, someone will wonder why there are five fucking mic stands huddled together in the center of the room, and bass players will fume over knobs being turned from their predestined, tape-marked settings.
Then someone will get so pissed they leave a note taped next to their guitar that usually takes a tone similar to gangsta rap, filled with threats and put downs. Usually the one person that actually did fuck with their guitar never sees the note and the rest of the bands laugh at it. It becomes so funny that it deserves a parody, which is what Coin Under Tongue did here (click letter to enlarge) :