Saturday, September 27, 2008

We Did It Cause We Knew It Would Happen

The first time you hear music, you know it- music is tranforming. From our cell phones that we use everyday to our grocery stores we use every other week, no other time has it been so important to listen. Therefor, we at Death By Audio spend all the man/woman power we can into researching and developing just the right music for the right times. The internet has brought the power to the people so we make the music to power those people that run this industry - it's a win/win situation! And we've been doing this since day one, the same way great companies of the past have succeded- by looking to the future. If we don't meet metatrends in a half hour or less, the music pizza is on our face, not yours, because you, as a customer, are always right when you give us money.

Our deep rooted ties to the music industry are intertwined with the wires of the music community like some tangled pubic word problem you can't figure out, so don't - let us think about it. Old business are consolidating into bigger conglomorates that are morphing to meet the needs of yesterday's niche markets. Who wants that!? Death by Audio Records has the profit margins to meet today's ever expanding vision quest, you can tell by taking one look at our legal size papers. As long as air is vibrating, we'll be there to capture it.

Jimi Henderson - Death By Audio Marketing

(this pic is from the rare CUT press CD featuring a pic from the audience from their Roseland Ballroom show & an extremely rare high school pic of TOM CRUISE! - Not for sale here, sorry, YIKES!)

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