Wednesday, April 29, 2009


SISTERS GET HONORABLE MENTION AS A BAND YOU MUST HEAR - L MAGAZINE The first song posted on Sisters’ MySpace page begins with a chugging guitar and childlike keyboard melody; Aaron Pfannebecker’s speak-sung vocals sound so earnest, they could’ve been lifted from a Sixteen Candles voiceover. And then all hell breaks loose. Matt Conboy goes crazy on the drums, and the guitar and keyboard get tunneled through heavy effects, positioning the band to receive countless comparisons to No Age and Wavves. From song to song, Pfannebecker’s vocals jump ship, going from boyish to screechy to screamy, separating Sisters from the other guitar-drum duos of the times. -L MAGAZINE

Saturday, April 25, 2009

1 Helluva Week

Now it's time to post some field recordings of some songs played inside the DBA show space, audio documents if you will, that will be passed on to the Library of Congress for preservation. All you have to do is option/alt + click to download OR just click the names to hear these testaments. JEFF: The Bogmen brought their way-down dirty Delta jet blues, tracking mud all over our compound for a full week of sweetness. BLACK PUSS dropped in from Venus to rage our stage - Brian is a hurricane of good ideas. GROOMS swept their cape of mystery rock over the tiles, even covering a Coin Under Tongue song. SISTERS got fantastic and bombastic under the dropped ceiling before heading out on a three-legged tour. MUDBOY brought the whole goddamn forrest inside the show- frogs, fireflies, and all. Now that's the real BLUEZ, MAAAN!
---aren't these great photos by Leia Jospe ?

Monday, April 20, 2009


Check out the article!
"I picked up the Jeff/Sisters 7" at Sisters' show at Dead Herring this past weekend and both sides are pretty good. The show was my introduction to Sisters and I left a fan. For just two guys (singer Aaron Pfannebecker and drummer Matt Conboy), they use a massive stack of amps (and effects pedals) which makes for great knock-you-back indie rock a la Dinosaur Jr., Husker Du or Isn't Anything-era My Bloody Valentine. "-Brooklyn Vegan
The surprise of the night was Brooklyn duo Sisters who kind of blew me away, both through some great songs and the volume and wallop with which they played them. -- Soundbites
Sisters isn't one of those bands that's great because it is doing something new. It's one of those bands that's great because it's boiled down something great to its essence - Sisters is the epitome of minimalist noise pop. If that's your kind of thing, Sisters are bound to satisfy. -- Radio Flyer Review

Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Beyond Yes" - new track from Coin Under Tongue

Death By Audio is slipping the webs a new song this week. Coin Under Tongue's "Beyond Yes" is now available for free until the year 2020, when the song will be sold through iTunez for around $300-500 price range (inflation will vary). Our friend Allen Blickle from the band Baroness played drums on this recording, right in our very own kitchen. Things just sound better in the kitchen, plus, if you're hungry, BAM you can reach for any number of unidentifiable mushy bags in the fridge! If you'd like to see some pictures our looooooongtime friend Gabe took of the session, go over here. This song will eventually be included on the Coin Bros. sophomore album, Reception. So here's the link, download it, watch the progress bar & pump the volume.
option + click to download

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Salt For Desserts is Kaite Murphy's one-woman noise project in which she only uses Death By Audio pedals. And by only we don't mean to say she's brand exclusive, we mean to say that's all she used to make sounds, just 8 DBA pedals hooked up to a Total Sonic Annihilation recorded direct- no guitars, no mics, no synths, no kazoos. Just pure signal degeneration, oscillation, and infinite feedback loops controlled by switches, knobs, signal path manipulation, and occasionally light sensors. Half the pedals used were garden variety boxes, such as the Interstellar Overdriver Deluxe and the Super Sonic Fuzz Gun, while others were more exotic one-offs, such as the Wave Destroyer and the Fuzz Fuzz Fuzz.
Multi-tracked and mixed in a kitchen by Joe Kelly, these two audio explorations are available to download for for free FOREVER. Salt For Desserts may be used for erasing memories, background music for your favorite video games, or setting the mood on your porch for Halloween. It could be the music the first robot will hear when it discovers its own conscience or it could sound like a 100-foot mosquito hovering in the middle of an 8-bit motocross race. Take the candy.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Honey for nothing, Eggs for free

Like the post said below, Coin Under Tongue spent April Fools Day in New Jersey at the Starland Ballroom filming for the TV show The Edge with Jake Sasseville. A total of five bands played 2 songs each and things could not have gone smoother. We shared a dressing room with Me Talk Pretty and Socratic because things were a bit packed- trading jokes, drinking beer, and eating greek salad. Each band gave it their all for the cameras. Houston Calls performance will literally shoot white hot plasma radiation all over your face if you can stay up late enough to catch it. The man they call "Okie" in particular is like one of the greatest performers I've ever seen - he's like a 2-liter of 7-up filled with alka-seltzer, baking soda, vinegar and The Taz - you can only have good times when he's around. The Sleeping came in and ripped the Starland Ballroom a new mouth, but in a very melodic way. Coin Boyz ended the night with "High Until We Die" which may never be shown due to it's obscene aviation references. After taking a picture in front of the tank acrosss the street, we all headed to Denny's, who sponsored the event. Syrup shots ensued, the rest is history.