Thursday, October 9, 2008

"You're The Girl, You're Gonna Touch Me"

This may or may not be your thang, some people don't like listening to miscellaneous audio clips for fun. BUT, do you like The Doors? Fuck yeah! Sorry, that question was meant for you.
I found this mp3 on the internet a few years ago on some random blog and here's the story-
It's supposedly a tape some guy turned in for a report on the "beat generation" for his English Literature class about The Doors!? I know, I know, The Doors have nothing to do with the beat generation, but that's the kind of stoned rocker logic we're dealing with here. The report was supposed to be written on paper, but to hell with that, this has got great old school cassette tape jump cuts and plenty of off-the-cuff acid insights, such as:
"back then the drug scene was high" and " 'jumping in her game' is, 'I want to be doing what you're doing right now' " Just give it a couple of minutes before these wisdom nuggets start hitting the tape. When I hear these types of recordings, it takes me there: a teenager's pot liar bedroom, a long-haired trying to man two tape machines at once while mom is yelling at him to come to dinner. Can you smell the mix?
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