Friday, December 12, 2008

Superfriends Spotlight! - The Muggabears

When they're not destroying their Rock Band instruments at the Death By Audio loft, The Muggabears record their own original music. Over the past few weeks they have been bringing over daily mixes of their upcoming album entitled... well, we don't know, the CDs they gave us are just blank white. Their music reminds me of those Japanese horror movies where the sexy girl with dark hair walks towards you sort of weird and you think "that's cool come over here, err...wait, something's not right here" but then it's too late and she's right in front of you, then you notice she crying black ink and her hair is actually dragon scales and you scream and she shakes you and says "what's wrong with you!?" and now she looks perfectly normal again and then you kiss her because you want to make sure she's real. Today they finally released one of these new jams out into the wylde (i.e. Myspace) and it definitely has a title that everyone can relate to: "Guitar Feelings". Everyone's got 'em so click the link below to get yours!