Monday, September 29, 2008

The Statler Bros. in the DBA studio

With all these pedals laying around, you'd figure there'd be at least one noise band in the house. Well there wasn't for a long time until Joe Kelly and his long-standing friend (and occasional bandmate) John Vitale were watching some DVDs of the Johnny Cash show and decided to start an updated version of the Statler Brothers. They each borrowed a Total Sonic Annihilation pedal and started chaining some of the house pedals into some loops. I heard them tinkering around with some bossa-nova drum machines for a couple of weeks before they decided to go organic and get a real live drummer in the name of David Andrew Moore. David is a drummer, percussionist, composer & educator- not exactly the usual riff-raff for this neck of the woods.
In what should follow in a long succession of MP3s documenting the life and time of the DBA studio players, I'd like to present you with the first Statler Bros. tracks- all recorded live in 1 take! 2 beers max!
---alt/option click to save