Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Death By Audio New Year's Eve Party '10

Ollie and I played darts and set-up lights throughout the loft. We dragged in the big guns soundsystem from the practice space and set up the DJ table on the second floor. One blinking red flood light ended up in the toaster. People really started pouring in around 11 and that's when I had to start really DJing. Played some Bee Gees. Set off the smoke machine every 15 minutes. People climbed all over the cargo net that was strung up above the people dancing down below. We had a countdown and at midnight Brian cut an old guitar that had been hanging from the ceiling for years. I played "Surfin' Bird" right at midnight for about 15 minutes because I was having a hard time finding a better record. Its hard to get out of a cargo net when you're drunk. Someone puked while on the net down onto people below. Edan DJed slam jams into the wee hours. Thanks for the pictures, Gabe!

Way Late Photos from DBA Halloween '09

That Juggalos movie has been played at least three times on the projector at DBA. Somehow this theme also translated into a Kiss Army clown and a random serial killer showing up.
Here are some Street Fighter characters (Guile & Zangief to be specific) and Vampire Kaite from Salt For Desserts.
There was this creepy guy that didn't talk all night, turned out to be Ollie.
Brian ran into another Where The Wild Things Are fan on Haloween.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Grooms' REJOICER named one of L Magazine's best of 2009

"Well, they finally ditched the faux-cutesy name "Muggabears" for the more suitably cryptic "Grooms," but it turns out the noise-rock trio is still rather perverse with names. Rejoicer, with its sinister lyrical puzzles and metallic guitar squall, isn't exactly a perfect Hallmark portrait of celebration. But acting as both the delayed fruit of a few thankless years on the Brooklyn scene, and the best, most cerebral guitar record this city produced in 2009, there's plenty to toast, regardless. " L Magazine

Monday, January 4, 2010


Please show this weather who's boss and come to DBA Thursday, January 7th @ 8PM- will be the 1st show for Coin Under Tongue in 2010 and it features Nashville party boyz NATURAL CHILD! Plus this was just announced, country music recording legends FOREST CITY have been added to this already busting at the gut line-up.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Coin Under Tongue - Reception - Free Download

Please click on the RED link below to receive your free album. --------------------------- Coin Under Tongue - RECEPTION ------------------------------------------ click the above link or go here: