Saturday, December 20, 2008

Big Hugz in New London, Connecticut

For the first time this millenium, the entire Death By Audio roster hit the road together. With a little help from our friends in the Total Bolsheviks, we GPS'd our way up the road to the Oasis Pub in New London, Connecticut. A very courteous (and quite possibly homeless) man helped us parallel park our van with seriously 2" to spare.
DJ Charlie Chaplin got the room warmed up as the bands hauled their crap into the venue. The Coin Boys hung around outside smoking, where they noticed a pair of breasts defying the freezing temperature 20 feet above their heads. It's a busty bust sculpture high above the bar (see badly lit photo above) Aaron from Sisters took a pill that should have been reserved for giants and rendered himself happy and unable to drive. Sisters played a hurricane alarm loud, bedazzled set in front of the bathroom. Total Bolsheviks expanded on themes written within chapters that could be dated back to as far as 13 A.D. , given that you have ample translation dictated to you in your native language. Rounds of shots were fired at Coin Under Tongue which resulted in some very enthusiastic ape like headbanging from the band, which led to an outbreak of primal cheers among the patrons. There was a cool guy with a Wipers shirt up front.
The crown jewel of the night was when this man Rob showed up with his fast-food-on-wheels truck called "Roadside Grill". I had a nacho bacon chilli dog. Those are the four elements that lead to the center of my heart. Are you listening, ladies!?