Thursday, October 16, 2008

Turn The Page

It's been out for while now, but if you haven't heard the voice of the Lord crack open the heavens, Chunklet's Rock Bible is out. Joe from Coin Under Tongue contributed a few choice scriptures, among the likes of other esteemed Rock prophets such as John Darnielle, Dale Crover, Brian Turner, and Ted Leo. Of course the lay leader of the congregation is Henry Owings, with help by the Chunklet choir boys (Brian Teasley, Dag Luther Gooch, all the heavy hitters...). The rules are made to be broken, but the book itself is a solid piece of print art with gold foil softcover, ribbon page holder, and that pinkish/red bleed on all the pages (what IS that shit!?) It can be easily digested is small passages, perfect for bathroom studies! Here's a couple of samples:
from The Good Word: Verse 17 (written by Joe) -"If you're the sensitive singer/songwriter type, don't throw in token curse words to prove how edgy you can be.  Stick to the things you know, such as how you're the most important person in coffee shop because you're holding the acoustic guitar." 
from The Sound on Stage: Verse 480 - "During the set, make yourself appear to be an expert by pointing at the monitor, then the bass player, then point up. Girls find that both hot and also somewhat perplexing."
The new issue of Chunklet: Issue 20 is also about to hit the newstands and if you order now, you can pay even more money to get a limited edition Ted Leo / Zach Galifianakis split 7". Have you seen this video of Zach interviewing Michael Cera? Whatta creep that guy, hiding in the ferns like that and assualting young boys.
We would also like to announce that Coin Under Tongue, Susu, French Miami, and Buke & Gass are playing Cake Shop in Manhattan on the 29th and here is the poster that looks like an old bible that was made by Andrea from Susu. What are the chances?
---Here's a couple tracks for your perusal.
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