Saturday, October 20, 2007

True Womanhood

Four-foot industrial blades hanging like chimes. A disassembled church organ rigged with wires running into a computer. As much art installation as rock concert, the most conventional things on True Womanhood's stage are the timpani drums. And these homemade instruments are not mere sonic curiosities but integral parts of the band’s tightly crafted, inventive songwriting. Grounded on friendships going back to middle school, band members Thomas Redmond, Melissa Beattie and Noam Elsner play in an instinctual style that is sonically and emotionally loud.

The trio has emerged out of the doldrums of post-Dischord Washington, D.C. with a collection of haunting pop gems that are surprisingly mature given the band’s youthful exuberance and predisposition towards experimental music. It’s no surprise the band chose the DIY venue and effects pedal factory Death By Audio in Brooklyn as the location to record their debut EP. True Womanhood is not satisfied with merely making new music, they are intent on inventing an entirely new palette of sounds as well.
Download the Magic Child / Dignitas Single