Sunday, July 29, 2007


S I S T E R S ******************** Sisters ------ guitar/vocal and drums two piece out of the Death by Audio music collective in Brooklyn. Aaron Pfannebecker sings and plays guitars. Matt Conboy is the drummer, keyboard player. Sisters is rock pop collage with garage fallout. Noisy guitars with melody and screeching beautiful vocals over the hardest hitting drums. Crooked guitar sounds creating fragmented pop songs. "The first song posted on Sisters’ MySpace page begins with a chugging guitar and childlike keyboard melody; Aaron Pfannebecker’s speak-sung vocals sound so earnest, they could’ve been lifted from a Sixteen Candles voiceover. And then all hell breaks loose. Matt Conboy goes crazy on the drums, and the guitar and keyboard get tunneled through heavy effects, positioning the band to receive countless comparisons to No Age and Wavves. From song to song, Pfannebecker’s vocals jump ship, going from boyish to screechy to screamy, separating Sisters from the other guitar-drum duos of the times." - L MAGAZINE