Monday, March 2, 2009


After weeks of heavy negotiating techniques banned by the Geneva Conventions and lots of candy, Death By Audio Records is proud to announce the signing of our latest band, Minneapolis' own SEAWHORES! We have big plans for the future for this Doom Pop squad, but right now we have 20 tapes. We had 50 but 30 were stolen! What do we know about Adam, the man behind the meat curtains that lead to the control center that is the machine called C-Hores? We know about his dirty little secret 80's power synth band Arctic Universe. We know he has played with one of our favorite Brooklyn bands VAZ on several occasions. We know he co-wrote a song with a Playstation song generator called "College Walls" and the video is at the end of this post. He's also a great screenprinter and one of the funniest story tellers ever. If his talents were athletes at an Olympic event, he'd have to take up 4 tracks on a 3 man relay race. And that's just a summer event!