Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Coin Under Tongue - The So Far EP - Free Download

UPDATE!: I ROCK CLEVELAND had this to say:"High Until We Die" and "Reception" by Coin Under Tongue
"Recording in A Place to Bury Strangers' Death By Audio Studios, it's almost too easy to draw comparisons between the Coin Under Tongue and APTBS. Hell, both bands share a love of love tooth-cracking discharges of guitar via extreme effects pedals. Yet, to leave the introduction with no more than notes of their similarities, is to ignore the fact that Coin Under Tongue are drawing from a far wider pallet than the feedback loving British acts of the late '80s and early '90s. On both "Reception" and "High Until We Die," Coin Under Tongue pair their love of piercing feedback with guitar riffs which are practically doom-like at times. And while I can't say I ever wanted to hear a band channel both Sabbath and Joy Division in the same song, now that I have, I'm wondering why no one thought of this combination sooner."
Coins have released an EP of the songs they have recorded so far for their 2nd LP, Reception, called The So Far EP. It was made available for download last week through, or you can just go directly to the MediaFire link here and download it with one less click. Britt from Spoon just mentioned in an interview that he gets excited when he hears they are recording a new album. Coin Boyz are recording an album this very moment, and are in contract negotiations with Doug from Pursesnatchers and Annie from Au Revoir Simone to perform a pop collaboration with the band. The track entitled "Turnaround" (working title) will be a coed duet of pop worship. Stay tuned. (the photo above is from the DBA studio bathroom).