Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Floatable Quotables (nice reviews)

From the desk of RADIO FLYER REVIEW:
Five Bands to Watch in [the rest of] 2009Coin Under Tongue - For some reason, when I first learned of this band, I got the impression they were some sort of chilled out Americana thing - in fact, I distinctly remember listening to such music, but apparently, I was listening to a different band entirely (no idea what). Coin Under Tongue are LOUD and HEAVY, with the most massive distortion since A Place To Bury Strangers emerged a few years ago. You shouldn't be surprised to learn that I am NOT a metalhead at all, but with their relentlessly screaming vocals, this lumbering post-hardcore is well worth checking out.Sisters - I know, Death By Audio Records (also home to Coin Under Tongue) is cleaning up here! After being moderately impressed by Sisters at Dead Herring House this spring, I got my hands on some of their tunes, and I got a whole lot more excited. The pair garners a lot of not-undue comparisons to No Age, last year's noise pop/noise punk more straight-forward. On the one hand, this means duo. But Sisters are a little more down to earth - their songs are shorter and they are rather less sophisticated than No Age, button the other hand, they sure pack a punch. They sound a heck of a lot like Sonic Youth's punkiest side and that's a very good thing to sound a heck of lot like.
AND THEN THIS JUST IN!:FROM- I ROCK CLEVELAND @bout "Beyond Yes" by Coin Under Tongue
While the Brooklyn based band, Coin Under Tongue may have zero web presence -- no friends, no tweets, nothing -- that doesn't necessarily mean they have an empty bio. Really, all you need to know about this band you can glean from the company they keep. Recording for Death by Audio, the effects pedal company, recording studio, and record label helmed by A Place to Bury Strangers'Oliver Ackermann, you know before pressing play that there will be guitar -- noisy, gnashing, industrial tools on a factory floor guitar. And sure enough, "Beyond Yes," the latest mp3 release by Coin Under Tongue, has that wonderful, metal mashing sound, twisting and tearing their early post-punk influences into unfriendly, noisesome ecstasy.