Saturday, July 11, 2009

Other People's Music

A few weeks back, the bar known as Black Betty announced it was closing its doors forever. Actually, there's talk that Harvey Milk's Steven Tanner is opening a restaurant in its place - FUCK YEAH! I went down there to catch one last show and ended up recording two bands that night.
The first is Geezer On Diesel who are good friends of ours who play in several local bands such as The Shorebirds and Neckbeard Telecaster. The drummer's name is Geezer and he doesn't use a snare, which must attract a lot of women for them because I've had at least two girlfriends tell me they hate snares. Just big ass riffs pounding around like a two-ton brick of weed in the back of a pick-up rockin' dualies off-road, then breaking down in your driveway leaving an oil slick in the shape of Texas. Also, check out the 5th member of the band in the lower left corner of the photo, Freak Williams. Check them out here:
(right click/ cntrl/option+ click to download)

Geezer On Diesel - Here Come The Blood

Geezer On Diesel - There Is A Line

Then there's this two piece that consisted of a drummer and tuba player called Wolff. That's right Wolff - you asked for it and they put another F on that bitch. The tuba player runs his mic through all these samplers and effects to create a symphonic marching band of sorts from the ground up. It's pretty amazing that something this cool could be made from blowing.

Get in line here:
(right click/ cntrl/option+ click to download)