Friday, July 17, 2009

Brooklyn Vegan, Narnack, & Grooms in "This Week At The Loft"

From Brooklyn Vegan - "Tonight's show at Death by Audio should be deafening. JEFF shares the bill with noise-pop duo Sisters, who I've written about more than once already, and have become big fans of. Third on the bill are Sisters' Death By Audio Records label-mates Coin Under Tongue who make the kind of stoner, punk-inflected hard rock that Sub Pop used to specialize in, in the label's early days. (I'm talking Tad, Mudhoney, Das Damen). There's other influences in there too -- metal plays a big part, as does UK punk and postpunk I suspect. And there are some really nice guitar parts when the guys aren't stomping on the pedals but basically you're getting balls-to-the-wall, scream-the-chorus rock. It goes without saying Coin Under Tongue are really, really loud. But they've got songs to match the volume. They're finishing work on their new album, but have offered up a progress report of an EP that you can download at the top of this post. It rocks. (Thanks Bill!)"
Also, this other news item: Grooms have signed to Death By Audio Records and will be releasing their album Rejoicer with us. DOPE!
The picture above was taken this one time I went into the studio and found this guy changing his clothes - wtf!? Found out later it was Frank Sidebottom.