Friday, April 3, 2009

Honey for nothing, Eggs for free

Like the post said below, Coin Under Tongue spent April Fools Day in New Jersey at the Starland Ballroom filming for the TV show The Edge with Jake Sasseville. A total of five bands played 2 songs each and things could not have gone smoother. We shared a dressing room with Me Talk Pretty and Socratic because things were a bit packed- trading jokes, drinking beer, and eating greek salad. Each band gave it their all for the cameras. Houston Calls performance will literally shoot white hot plasma radiation all over your face if you can stay up late enough to catch it. The man they call "Okie" in particular is like one of the greatest performers I've ever seen - he's like a 2-liter of 7-up filled with alka-seltzer, baking soda, vinegar and The Taz - you can only have good times when he's around. The Sleeping came in and ripped the Starland Ballroom a new mouth, but in a very melodic way. Coin Boyz ended the night with "High Until We Die" which may never be shown due to it's obscene aviation references. After taking a picture in front of the tank acrosss the street, we all headed to Denny's, who sponsored the event. Syrup shots ensued, the rest is history.