Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Beyond Yes" - new track from Coin Under Tongue

Death By Audio is slipping the webs a new song this week. Coin Under Tongue's "Beyond Yes" is now available for free until the year 2020, when the song will be sold through iTunez for around $300-500 price range (inflation will vary). Our friend Allen Blickle from the band Baroness played drums on this recording, right in our very own kitchen. Things just sound better in the kitchen, plus, if you're hungry, BAM you can reach for any number of unidentifiable mushy bags in the fridge! If you'd like to see some pictures our looooooongtime friend Gabe took of the session, go over here. This song will eventually be included on the Coin Bros. sophomore album, Reception. So here's the link, download it, watch the progress bar & pump the volume.
option + click to download