Saturday, April 25, 2009

1 Helluva Week

Now it's time to post some field recordings of some songs played inside the DBA show space, audio documents if you will, that will be passed on to the Library of Congress for preservation. All you have to do is option/alt + click to download OR just click the names to hear these testaments. JEFF: The Bogmen brought their way-down dirty Delta jet blues, tracking mud all over our compound for a full week of sweetness. BLACK PUSS dropped in from Venus to rage our stage - Brian is a hurricane of good ideas. GROOMS swept their cape of mystery rock over the tiles, even covering a Coin Under Tongue song. SISTERS got fantastic and bombastic under the dropped ceiling before heading out on a three-legged tour. MUDBOY brought the whole goddamn forrest inside the show- frogs, fireflies, and all. Now that's the real BLUEZ, MAAAN!
---aren't these great photos by Leia Jospe ?