Friday, September 11, 2009

A Small Collection of Signs

The loft's population is in constant flux, therefor its inhabitants must sometimes leave notes or signs to communicate with their fellow ranchers. Bands blowing through town are a major contributor to these postings, as well as house rules declared in moments of clarity by individuals clinging to their sanity within this constantly swirling hellhole party prison. Take a gander!
This is a brilliant idea. It used to say 8:45 to 9PM but apparently someone has amended it to 8:45 AM to 9PM. That's obviously a joke so this rule has been civilly disobeyed. If only they had Wii remotes in the shape of dusters and mops...
That's a lil dish goin' "Yay". Lot's of people tend to eat in this place which is weird because it's basically a hobo fallout shelter. Wine glasses here have a shelf life of 30 minutes and sometimes you're washing plates in screenprint ink with a sponge that looks like a used Dr. Scholl's pad , but hey.... well, no, it is pretty shitty. Paper plates are available by request.
These notes are like brother and sister.
This is one of the first "Marc Ramsey" tags ever in Brooklyn. Dude is blowing up like Tit Brace or Turkey Clit or whoever those famous taggerz are. Normally we don't let people tag the house, but it's Marc Ramsey and he loves us and it's sprayed on the door to the spray paint room.
This all started because Dirty On Purpose confiscated Coin Under Tongue's lucky band sandwich. It has since been completely ignored like an email from Prince Nashid informing us we've won the Zimbabwe lottery. Or a soundman asking us to turn it down or else he turn off the PA. Whatever, dude.
That's where the TRASH goes, in that big ass can next to the stairs,with the pen used to keep dart scores hanging above it, pointing into the hoop you should aim all your balled up electric bills. You've been a wonderful audience.