Friday, September 11, 2009

Pictures Taken Indoors - Part One

Mac's uncle draws a calendar like this every freaking year and gives them out as gifts. Just... damn.
This is the skateboard rack next to the front door. It seems a little understocked right now. This is Aaron from Sisters chillin' in his room, back when he lived in the DBA loft. He is known for his uncanny, mutantesque reading abilities. This is an art piece George is working on. It's thousands of holes punched from confidential envelopes. This is another art work from George, with thousands of jewels, hole punched confidential envelopes, and the handwritten line ,"Don't make fun of my Friday night..." over and over again. The line is from a song performed by the band Xiu Xiu. These are two floatation devices for children that are tied up into the ceiling above George's art studio room. He hade a resin sculpture of these, the two animals' heads being replaced by two human hands forming a vagina. This is a picture of a used spinning firework wheel nailed in close proximity to a smoke detector.