Friday, September 11, 2009

Pictures Taken Indoors - Part Two

A poster for a show that happened at Death By Audio in February of 2009 that was made by Rob Erickson of Visual Mechanics. This is Oliver Ackermann's bed. He doesn't use it very often. This is quite possibly the single most listened to record at the loft, right up there with The Mummies "Never Been Caught" and Lionel Ritchie. The record is JEFF: The Brotherhood's "The Boyz R Back In Town". This is how we fix holes in the wall. We have all the latest techmologies here at Death By Audio studios. This is the rack above the mixer where we keep the good shit like liquor.
Welcome to the Death By Audio Records storeroom. Everything is arranged by gravity.
This is Joe and Doug in the DBA studio working on DBA-006 - a split 7" between Pursesnatchers and Coin Under Tongue.