Monday, June 8, 2009

Coin Under Tongue - High Until We Die '09

Taking advantage of the newly souped-up, second-hand equipped DBA studio, The Coinz have dropped another bomb into the abyss of the internet this week with their second take on last year's chartscraper "High Until We Die". Once again, Allen Blickle from Baroness has taken up the drum throne like he did on "Beyond Yes" and proceeded to hit with much force using his Wonderboy sticks.
DOWNLOAD here (control/option + click or RIGHT CLICK and download)
Also this week, Coin Me Badd appeared on The Edge with Jake Sasseville, a late night variety show that airs on ABC affiliates, where they played their song "Roll Child". They had to play it twice to a crowd because Jake called the song "Roll On" in the first take - whoopsee! C.U.T. trivia - did you know they were not allowed to play "Night Weed" because Denny's hates gardening? The boys did rally at the end of the taping to play "High Until We Die", to which Jake threw up his hands and said, "Fuck it." That video will most likely never be seen, believe that.
Please don't watch the above mentioned performance, the sound is worse that any SNL band taping you've ever seen. The show itself is A.O.K. though.
And in related news, our tight E-Bros at Methadont are busy filling their blog with entries that will one day lead to an art show. Ben (the wordsmith) and Jesse (the eyesmith) play on interpretations of small phrases using mixed media. Please peruse their back catalog after checking out this piece based on a Coin Under Tongue lyric from "The New Lore".