Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Free Jamz! - Download these to your iPuds

These tracks were posted a long time ago on Brooklyn Vegan, but for anyone that missed them way back then, here they are again. Two tracks from Coin Under Tongue and two tracks from Sisters. And hey, even if you already have CUT's self-titled song, download this new one, it has improved DRUM DYNAMICS! You know the deal, right click these to download, or alt+click for Mac (I think). CUT are recording some new songs right now at the DBA studio and hopefully they will show up soon on a couple of our favorite blogs. Ollie from A Place to Bury Strangers has been back in town and finished up the new improved prototype for the Fuzz War, which Joe used on one of the new songs.
  1. Coin Under Tongue - "Coin Under Tongue"
  2. Coin Under Tongue - "Roll Child"
  3. Sisters - "Accolades"
  4. Sisters - "Street Cars"
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