Sunday, February 8, 2009

Documenting Random Arrangements

Lux Interior is dead so we had to spend this weekend getting on the Drug Train and listening to our Cramps records. Can't barely make it through "Lonesome Town" without dropping a tear, but anyway, I had to also pull out the Napa State Mental Institute Show for olde tymes sake. This DVD was produced by Target Video (no, not that Target), who included a bonus feature that actually caught one of my 96 eyes this time. This video production company captured a lot footage of late 70's/early 80's punk, which they threw snippets of in this bonus feature.
One scene showed this shirtless noise-punk guy rattling tied together metal tubes on the floor for like 10 minutes. The floor was checkered, the walls were dirty and scrawled on, and a lot of the people standing around him looked like people at shows here. But what was really on those walls, before there was a camera in every fingernail? We might never know, but here are some photos of "The Loft" (our loft) so that the hyperbloggers of the future may complain about the resolution of our ancient cameras. Look at that thing on the left- that's just a place on a door where we clean screens. Stuff like that is crawling all over this place.
I don't know where this bike came from or why it's hanging from the ceiling. But I do know neon orange came from heaven. (this just in -2/08/09 UPDATE: from Joe Jurewicz via Hotmail - "I rode that orange bike home from the levee one night wasted. it was just sitting on the sidewalk so I took it. It's been hanging there ever since.")
A long time ago in a galaxy far away, some space cadet thought we were gonna sell beer out of that Coke machine. Then it died two weeks later. Then we stacked a stereo on top of it and had to go upstairs to switch the records. Then Mac woke up at 3 in the morning and decided he couldn't sleep until he had painted the entire machine black. It's totally black now except where this one circular sticker was. Now that the sticker is removed, you can see one bare, red circle of magnified Coke machine perspiration. The record changing routine got old so we pushed the machine in a far corner. The end. George from Coin Under Tongue drew this mural thing with charcoal. Who are these people? That woman looks cool, but the guy looks sort of like an intense novelist type- sorry, guy! Actually, we can't take credit for this. That pot rack has been hanging there since we moved in. Those steel cables are like 25 ft. to the ceiling, all just to hang a few pots! It's space saver for sure, but it hurts when you go to high five people under it.