Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Boob Movie Game

So a few of the dudes (Alex, Mac, Joe, Dorothy, George, and many many more!) were hanging out at "the loft", that's the main living area of "the ranch" or Death By Audio studios... whatever. ANYWAY, some people were watching Nightmare on Elm St. on the projector upstairs while people downstairs wanted to listen to records - a common debate in the house. The people downstairs complained that the movie sucked and we just want to get high and listen to these records and the people upstairs rebutted that they were waiting to see if there were going to be any boob scenes. Then the people downstairs said, "Hey if you wanna see boobs, take this Elm St. shit out and put in something like... Edward Boobhands." From there, the next half hour became a game of Outburst, with people shouting out movie titles, replacing one word in the title with the word "boob. Here are the best: