Monday, May 3, 2010

Inside Edition - Pics from the Loft

Here is the film to be used to make screens for the new Sisters tee shirt.
This is what 50% of the walls inside the pedal area look like. It's how we clean screens.
This is how we make sure everything gets put back in its place.
This is a show poster made out of a record.
This is the old piano that found it's way in to the practice space. It sounds like it looks.
Imagine you're about to land on the planet Trixanium, 14,000 light years from Earth in the Alpha Pentari galaxy. You decide to aim for a clearing near what appears to be an alien Stonehenge.
Now turn your flash on and imagine that you taking pictures in the closet where all the spray painting is done.
This is some shit hanging in the practice room.
These are lab coats that DBA got for some of its employees. Pictured here are Travis' from Grooms, Matt's from Sisters, and Willie's.
This is some art project that George from Coin Under Tongue is working on that involves a lot of foam circles being made from decoys?
Here are some random custom pedals that can always be found lying around on the floor of the practice room.
One time Ollie got back from tour, opened his suitcase in the kitchen area and took some clothes to his room. When he got back 30 seconds later, this cat had shit in it. A couple of weeks ago, I was going to work and noticed that this cat had peed right in a pocket of my manbag. This cat has also been known to pee in Travis' guitar pedal bag. It has no name.