Monday, October 26, 2009

Hussies At Bay review

The kind people over at Audio Current took the time to write some pretty flattering things about Coin Under Tongue's FREE Hussies At Bay EP.
"I went on Death By Audio’s blog and found they were giving the Hussies At Bay EP away for free, my life will never be the same.

In ancient times some people used to believe that if you put a gold coin under the tongue of the recently deceased, it would help them pay the ferry toll to cross the river Styx and enter the Underworld. If they don’t put the coin under tongue the dead man’s spirit will haunt them forever. Coin Under Tongue might be one of the best band names ever.

The first track on Hussies At Bay has a riff that would sink the Titanic, think Rage Against The Machine crossed with Aerosmith and a touch of Tool. Yeah, that’s right, I said it. On this one Joe Kelly uses his mid range bark that’s raspy, punk and ballsy enough to stand up to the rest of the sonic onslaught.

Next is ‘Roll Child’, which sounds nothing like the last track. It starts with a Post Punk beat and a guitar lick that is more reminiscent of Joy Division than anything Hard Rock. Once Joe decides to overdrive his buttery vocals the Coin’s sound becomes more obvious. The song quickly shifts into a more garage feel and starts uncontrollably oozing swagger. I can’t imagine what might possibly come next.

‘Shaven Clean’, could be what the amazing Death From Above 1979 might sound like if they hadn’t broken up. Kelly cycles through one epic fizzling guitar tone after another while the bass holds down a dope clean groove.

Finally, ‘This Flag Is A Scythe’, is the brilliant closer. It’s got a strong shuffling Post Punk beat, with Jamie Cook guitar swats. Again, the guitar tones are untouchable and different from the previous tracks.

A flawless EP that proves Coin Under Tongue will soon have the whole Underworld at their feet.