Thursday, October 15, 2009

FOR SALE AND FREE - DBA-006 Pursesnatchers / Coin Under Tongue

Today, October 15th, 2009, Death By Audio Records are giving away 4 tracks to celebrate the release of DBA-006: a Pursesnatchers / Coin Under Tongue split 7".
From the control center/hobo fallout shelter known as Death By Audio comes this split 7" from two friendly Brooklyn bands- Pursesnatchers & Coin Under Tongue. These groups have stretched their style arms across their normal sound fences to join hands in vinyl. Pursesnatchers reach for the rock sky on "Certain Famous Covered Bridges", a majestic paean to Tennessee drifting, whereas Coin Under Tongue scale back for a coed duet of pop worship on "Turnaround". Both songs feature Annie Hart from Au Revoir Simone and are wrapped in a foldout, inked scene from frequent Bright Eyes artist Kaite Murphy.
Vinyl is stamped in random, swirled colors - will vary.
To buy this new 7" from our store, CLICK HERE!
Here is a link for both songs on the record PLUS two bonus tracks.
Coin Under Tongue's song "Junksmith" is from their upcoming sophomore album, RECEPTION:
To make things easy,
please download this zip from Mediafire that contains the whole shaboom.