Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WODGER - Your trusted noise dealer

This man Steve speaks to me sometimes, mostly about music. Mostly about music recording equipment - he's a veritable encyclopedia of music recording techniques and devices. His last name is Silverstein. He sometimes brings in these letterpressed sleeves that contain noise records and I buy them for $13 dollars. He has two bands, Christmas Decorations & Bleaks, but his label WODGER puts out other artists as well. Christmas Decorations's "Far Flung Hum" has made multiple laps on the turntable in the loft, I find it to be good party music, if your party is having a good time. It's the yin of the Bleaks yang, the former crawling towards a more avant-garde, minimalist creep territory. Wodger's latest release is from Nick Forte, formerly of Rorschach, entitled "Defeated".
While typing this, I was simaltaneoulsy IMing Steve about reverb rack units:
jimihenderson (3:27:34 PM): what's a good reverb rack unit?
stevewodger (3:27:51 PM): Do you have a budget in mind?
jimihenderson (3:27:54 PM): haha
jimihenderson (3:27:57 PM): of course
jimihenderson (3:28:19 PM): uhh, $1000
stevewodger (3:28:35 PM): The PCM 60 is really easy to use and cool, about $500.
stevewodger (3:28:44 PM): That's a Lexicon.
stevewodger (3:28:52 PM): I like the Klark Teknik DN780, which goes for about $700 used.
stevewodger (3:29:07 PM): That one needs more make-up gain in back, it's easy to overload the input stage if not.
stevewodger (3:29:22 PM): Some people love the Lexicon 300, that one goes for a lot of money.
stevewodger (3:29:42 PM): Albini's a big fan of the Quantec QRS, about $1000 used.
stevewodger (3:30:08 PM): Mitch Easter has one that goes for about $1000 used, I think it might be a Dynacord? Check
stevewodger (3:30:12 PM): That's a bunch of the ones that come to mind.
See, the dude is like a Google you don't even need!