Friday, May 8, 2009


Pursesnatchers are one of the many band branches that snapped off of the recently chopped-down Dirty On Purpose tree. Multi-instrumentalist Doug Marvin is the main composer, with assists from Jared, Harold, and wife Annie (Au Revoir Simone). Classic melodic indie-pop is their game, but the lyrics are the creeper that will keep you coming back. Take "Library Date" (see their MYSPACE here) for example, with its recollection of innocent kisses before the heartbreaking observation of "Our love was a product of particular times", (hold breath here) then break over the chord changes that hammer the real truth: "and we can't go back". Of all the DOP branches, Pursesnatchers are definitely the branch that fell closest to the roots of that mother band. I went to their last show at Union Hall and happened to record a couple of live tracks posted here. One thing I can tell you is that as a live band, Pursesnatchers bring the rock a helluva lot more than on the recordings (check out the "Baseball On The Radio" recording here). You can catch a triple whammy of a bill at Cameo in Brooklyn on May 14th, when the Snatchers share the stage with our very own SISTERS. Check out the flyer at the bottom of the post made by Post(er)Master Joe Jurewicz, whose band Joe & The Flying Spoons is also taking flight that night. (option/alt + click to download) Pursesnatchers (live @ Union Hall) - "Certain Famous Covered Bridges" Pursesnatchers (live @ Union Hall) - "Baseball On The Radio"