Wednesday, November 17, 2010

French Miami / Apple's Big Announcement

We all knew that Apple's new announcement was going to be big, we had our red markers out and touching the calendars in our minds. But sometimes Apple's technology shakes you to the bone and changes the time-space continuum, leaving us gasping for iAir and groveling for more of Steve Jobs' HTML5 jizz. But ladies and gentlemen, as much as I regret to re-inform you of yesterday's announcement, possibly sending you back to drooling on your iPuds and short circuiting them just in time so you can buy a new one in WHITE, we cannot ignore the fact that all these years of grueling negotiations have finally paid off. That's right: FRENCH MIAMI ARE ON ITUNES, FINALLY. At last you can let their appegiated guitars speed by like highway dividers, feeling the warm breeze of synth on your face, letting the beat pulse through the sun roof like street lamps at night. Motor Skills is the name of this new album and they will be using them to come to a small club in your shitty town in the coming months, where they will blow you away because you weren't expecting them to play nearly exactly and impossibly as you heard them on record. There is also a vinyl version of the album hidden some where in the continental US - stay tuned for clues! Oh wait, order it here and save some time: CLICK HERE TO BUY VINYL.