Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Coin Under Tongue Matters

It took a full month after it's release, but Coin Under Tongue's Reception has broken through the glacier of internet reception via POP MATTERS: "In 2010, Soundgarden headlined Lollapalooza, Courtney Love covered Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy”, and Alice in Chains continued to tour. Time will tell whether there is anything left to gain from the present grunge cash in, but there is an exciting under-the-radar development happening at the same time as this mainstream resurgence. Death By Audio is offering Coin Under Tongue’s new album Reception as a free download. Coin Under Tongue strips the luster off of modern rock and explores a schizophrenic sound that falls somewhere between Black Sabbath, Fear, Jawbox, Pavement and Deep Six. Reception masters the sounds that led to “grunge” and its kindred strands of rock, without falling victim to the declawing production tendencies that always lurk close by guitar rock movements that show commercial potential. Read Julian Cope’s comments on the album at Head Heritage. In addition to the free digital download, the album is also available as a CD from Insound and other outlets."----------Since our 50 review CDs we're met with almost total fucking silence by nearly every outlet so they could make space to air their insecurities about listening to Weezer or whatever, please feel free to tell anyone you like the record, preferably on bathroom walls.