Saturday, December 12, 2009

Swedish Love - Devotion Names CUT's "Junksmith" as a Top 10 song of '09

Do not adjust your modem. The Swedish music magazine DEVOTION has named Coin Under Tongue's barely released song "Junksmith" as a top 10 song of 2009. This is somewhat shocking considering it's ACROSS A FUCKING OCEAN and the song has only been available as a song on the downloadable version of the Pursesnatchers/CUT split 7". Please bear with us as we let the Googlebot do a hack translation of what they had to say:
Coin Under Tongue Leaving George Wilson - exactly, and quite rightly, the former Dirty on Purpose-guitarist - and the singer Joe Kelly as the main card in this Brooklyn Raised three-man lineup. Many American music genre writers continue like Coin Under Tongue at the intersection of post-hardcore and 80s post-punk, but it is certainly wide open to their interpretations in this case. The register is primarily British, but broad, very broad, and with one on the brink of endless life in care practices. There is noise. There is underground parking. It's Josef K meets World Domination Enterprises meets the 2000s and Silversun Pickups. It is on the verge of severe schizophrenia when Kelly more or less interpret the 80th century all the post-punk giants during the intro to the Junk Smith. But above all it is ingeniously produced. Where I and the doubts that there even is recorded on this page 1985, where my extended post-punk aortic pulse during foreplay and between games to the chorus and the biting, caustic, and much harder post-hardcore credentials, and then discarded in Kelly's schizophrenic voice registers . Coin Under Tongue is on Death by Audio Records, which also visiting hajpade Sisters is located, and where not surprisingly, both A Place to Bury Strangers, and now dispersed Dirty on Purpose previously has hosted. Last spring, I witnessed personally DEATH RINGO STARR, and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, drummer Kurt Feldman's side project Depreciation Guild at the intimate underground club with Death by Audio driver in Brooklyn. A room, with its atmosphere and spirit, must be experienced on the ground to not be left to utopias. And just the same way I could summarize Coin Under Tongue, and above all Junk Smith. A jewel of overeating Brooklyn Romantikerserien with one foot still in the 1980s in Britain.
SOOOO big super sloppy kisses to Devotion Magazine for the intercontinental shout out!