Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Grooms On Tour Across this wide country

Yo America, come out to one of these fine dates listed on the right sidebar of this blog and rock to Grooms. We suggest choosing a date that corresponds to the show closest to you. Their new record Rejoicer is a smash! - just look what Tiny Mix Tapes had to say about DBA-005:

"Grooms, however, have chosen to bring into the future the foundational indie sounds that were arguably developed as a direct protest against the nihilism, hyper-individualism, and hyper-consumerism of 80s pop culture. It was the latter that early indie bands like Black Flag and Sonic Youth detested, for they knew that its apparent harmlessness was merely a cloak for political conservatism. These are the giants’ shoulders that Grooms have chosen to stand upon, and with Rejoicer they have done so excellently."

photo by Bryan Bruchman