Sunday, March 8, 2009

Get In The Ambulance (LTD)

While hanging out over at Jay Space's place, I was introduced to a Jeremy Kay. He told me he was the bass player in a band called Ambulance LTD. I sort of flipped out a little bit because I had heard them on NPR a few months back. They played a new song live on air and I actually considered going to their show later that night based solely on their performance. Half fear of not knowing a band and half fear not knowing anyone else that might be interested kept me from attending that night, but I did try to keep up with their neverending legal battle with the now bankrupt TVT that have prevented the band from officially releasing any material that would be from their next album. I believe the band is able to just call the songs "demos" and try to spread the songs to their fans, but there is nothing "demo" about these songs.
"Ivy" is the type of song that you feel like you've heard before, like from your childhood, and now finally you've found out what that song is. The melody is instantly memorable because it's as if you've already been humming in your head before the band got around to recording it. And listen to the vocals in the video, that shit is live, on key, tight and rare.